IHP Partners

Industrial Hemp Partners Is A Vertically integrated supply-chain company specializing in quality control. From Seed To Sale, IHP Tracks Every Step to Ensure The Consumer Gets The Highest Quality Goods On the Market. 

Why Choose Industrial Hemp Partners?

Works Alongside the Largest CBD Brands

Manufactures Products In-House

​Trimming Services By Shear Processing

Offers Safe & Legal Shipping Options

Operates in a Cutting-Edge Facility

TerraVida Online


TerraVida Authentic CBD Products Provider

TerraVida Online is constantly striving to provide the highest quality CBD products available. We always conduct third-party lab tests to ensure the purity and potency of all our CBD hemp oil products. We use only 100% natural, hemp for the well-being of our customers. Start shopping now and get all of your CBD needs for less.

TerraVida Online CBD Product Line

Shear Processing

Shear Processing Services List
Green Shear Processing Logo

State of The Art Trimming Facility

Shear Processing has partnered with Industrial Hemp Partners to bring professional trimming and harvesting services to our clients.  Shear Processing also offers product manufacturing and consignment services on smokable CBD and CBG, as well as smokable pre-rolls. Shear Processing operates out of a 15,000 ft² warehouse with a hydration room and a 100% make-up air system. This ensures you hemp material is cared for and stored in the cleanest environment possible!

Warehouse 1

Commerce City, CO

Warehouse 2